Headache and its connection to the neck

When you get a headache, do you reach for the nearest pain killer? Have you considered a drug free alternative that works?

A study* produced in the mid-1990’s revolutionised headache research. A Russian-born researcher named Dr Nikoli Bogduk determined that all headaches shared a relationship with the neck.

Dr. Bogduk noted that every single headache sufferer shared an important connection, abnormal nerve function in the upper neck. Dr. Bogduk embarked on years of study and published numerous findings that proved the connection.

Despite massive amounts of research over the past 25 years, the medical community remains largely focused on drug therapy that targets symptoms without ever addressing the pain source.

Research shows; headache shares a relationship with the neck

The three most common types of headaches include; tension headaches, sinus headaches, and migraine.


Chiropractors help people with all types of headaches by assessing and correcting misalignments and restrictions in the spine and upper neck.

Statistics show that over 15% of the Irish population suffers from frequent and recurring headaches.

The drugless solution to reducing the stress and pain of headaches exists in the scientific explanation that brings relief to so many people through the power of proper nervous system function found in Chiropractic care.

Instead of consuming dangerous chemicals to deal with painful symptoms remember; spinal adjustments provide a healthy alternative to the use of drugs or surgery.

By sharing this information you can make others aware of the alternative approach and benefits available through Chiropractic adjustments.

If you have any questions please just ask here; https://www.optimalchiro.ie/about/ask-doctor-ben/

*Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 1995;49(10):435-45  “Anatomy and physiology of headache.”  N. Bogduk

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