The Wellness Champions Cork – Wellness in Your Workplace

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The Wellness Champions Cork - Wellness in Your Workplace

The Wellness Champions.org are a group of doctors and health practitioners worldwide that are committed to teaching wellness in the workplace.

Dr. Ben Martin was invited to become a part of this elite group – after some extensive training, he is now serving Cork City and County!

The Wellness Champions are excited to give you the opportunity to help educate the people and places you care about with talks about their health, offering many different options to get you and others more involved with their wellness.

Our complimentary Health Talks or ‘Lunch and Learns’  are a great way for management to show their employees that they care.

These complimentary health talks will stimulate, educate and create a healthier company and healthy workforce, which in turn will provide more productivity.


Take 1 passionate Doctor (Dr. Ben) & his team

Add a free healthy lunch,

and a 20 minute health topic of your choosing

(Topics include: Stress Reduction, Boosting Your Immune System, Increasing Your Energy, Posture Health among others, depending on the needs and interests of your employees.)

To book, contact Siobhan our Wellness Coordinator at  or call 085 1600 548

Workplace Wellbeing and Corporate Wellness Program Cork

Need more reasons to bring The Wellness Champions to your office:

According to the Small Firms Association report on absenteeism published in 2014;

• Absence costs small business over €490 million per annum
• 4,052,222 days lost in 2014
• Back pain and anxiety/depression are cited as the biggest contributors

Workplace wellbeing is becoming a core focus for organisations due to the positive links that have been found between the health and wellbeing of employees and productivity and performance.

Given the considerable amount of time people spend in the workplace, it’s the ideal place to encourage healthier lifestyles amongst adults.

There are several benefits for employers and employees:

Lunch and Learn Health Benefits
“A well managed health programme, improved staff morale, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity for the organisation.” – “A Healthy work environment, reduced stress, improved health and improved sense of wellbeing for the employee”.  Source: World Health Organisation website  – occupational health

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