Fibromyalgia – the invisible illness

“No official cause and no cure”… does that sound right to you?


GOOD, it doesn’t sound right to us either.

The symptoms are real;
Muscle aches
Joint pain
Digestive issues

and so on and so on.

We understand the frustration of going to doctor after doctor, receiving negative test after negative test, taking medication and suffering continuously. Only to be sent to a psychiatrist, therapist or counsellor because if the tests are negative it must be a mental condition.

And this happens all the time.

Sound familiar?

How do we know?

Because we’ve met and helped countless people just like you.

While Fibromyalgia patients suffer physical pain, perhaps the greatest pain is not being heard.

For them, it’s almost a relief to have the diagnosis of FMS, so their suffering is recognised.

The sad part is, most people just don’t understand what it’s like to live with the condition, they don’t understand how crippling it can really be.

The pain.

The fatigue.

The fibro-fog.

The numbness, headaches and stiffness.

The crippling anxiety or depression.

At Optimal Chiropractic; we understand.

We understand that this invisible illness is having a huge impact, and we would love to help make it easier.

Our first step for you is to have your nervous system checked.

Simply get in touch using the form on this page. Leave your name and contact details and in the description box ask to have your nervous system checked.

We simply want to help.