Back Pain

Did you know that back pain is the most commonly reported chronic health condition in Ireland as surveyed by the CSO.
In fact, it is said that 80% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

It’s important to have chronic or recurring back pain assessed by a healthcare professional. 

Many different factors can contribute to back pain. Injury, overwork, emotional and mental stress, menstrual tension, prostate conditions, and problems with posture or weight are common causes.

Back pain and sciatica can be so debilitating it can impact greatly on people’s quality of life.
Day to day activities like housework, driving and walking become difficult – even bending over to put on shoes can be most painful.
The pain can cause great irritability, with the sufferer taking it out on those nearest and dearest, putting a huge strain on personal relationships.
Left untreated the intense pain can rapidly wear you down and drain the joy out of life.

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