Something as simple as re-aligning the spine into a more supportive, mobile, and functional unit produces significant positive changes and improved pregnancy outcomes.

Research shows that spinal adjustments improve pregnancy, labour times, and health outcomes for mothers and newborns.

The maternal body undergoes various structural changes to accommodate the growing fetus during pregnancy. These changes profoundly impact the daily function of the expecting mother as pregnancy progresses.

The addition of spinal adjustments to the standard pregnancy care enhances balance and improves quality of life as the woman’s body adapts to new stressors.

Ligaments stretch and soft tissues become more hydrated and a properly aligned spine promotes a balanced and optimally functioning nervous system.

Research proves that removing interference from the spine and nervous system improves a mother’s chances for a healthier, shorter, and more successful birthing process.

Almost 75% of women experience some form of back pain during their pregnancy.

Paracetamol tends to be the medication most often recommended and used by pregnant women.

Research from 2016 determined that mothers who consumed Paracetamol raised the risk of emotional and hyperactive symptoms in their newborns by approximately 30% each.

Evidence showed a significantly increased risk (46%) of developmental difficulty in newborns whose expecting mother used a regimen of Paracetamol.

Chiropractic care begins serving the health of babies long before they arrive by helping keep pregnant mothers healthier and functioning at the highest level possible.