Why the Duchess of Cambridge and Baby Charlotte need a Chiropractor

If you haven’t heard about the latest arrival to the Royal family over the last few days you must be living under a rock! This weekend my newsfeed was inundated about the event.

Royal or otherwise, it’s truly lovely to hear news of the birth of a healthy baby. Lucky for Kate it seems they had a natural uncomplicated delivery but even so, do you know how important it is for them to get adjusted?

You may wonder why a healthy newborn baby needs chiropractic care. Well, birthing even under the best circumstances can be traumatic for a baby. It’s an incredible fact that 40-50 pounds of pressure are exerted on the baby’s neck during the birth process.

The baby’s head is forced to rotate by 90 degrees while contractions squeeze their small frame. [ref. 1]  This stress combined with the weight of the baby’s head puts considerable pressure on the neck, spine, nerves and muscles. [ref. 2]

If this is the result of a natural uncomplicated birth consider the pressure as it doubles when obstetric tools like forceps and suction are used. Not to mention the twisting and pulling of the neck when the baby is born via C-section.

In many countries taking your child to the chiropractor to have its spine and nervous system checked soon after birth is routine, in the same way babies are encouraged here in Ireland to visit a GP for week 2 and 6 check-ups.

Baby Aisling with Benjamin Martin Chiropractor
My daughter Aisling (at 6 months) receiving an adjustment

My daughter Aisling was adjusted within minutes of being born. She is a healthy happy baby and she will continue to have her regular adjustments to help her stay that way.

Mums might be hesitant about taking their baby to a chiropractor but the checkup is so gentle that if the baby is sleeping the adjustment doesn’t even wake them. The baby is gently adjusted while lying on mum or dads chest.  Lots of mothers have told me their babies sleep for hours after an adjustment.

5 Reasons to have your baby adjusted;

1. Helps resolve breastfeeding issues and colic

A study from Denmark suggest that chiropractic may be helpful to infants with colic even where more traditional treatments had failed. The data included 316 babies treated by 73 chiropractors in 50 different clinic. Improvement was reported in more than 90% of these children. [ref. 3]

2. Encourages children to thrive by supporting digestive strength.

Several studies have demonstrated the power of chiropractic adjustments restoring optimal function in babies with digestive disturbances. [ref. 4]

3. Healthy Brain Development & “first-class” nerve communication throughout the body.

Clinical studies indicate that rapid growth of the entire brain occurs during the first year of life. The Journal of Neuroscience (2008) states that, although the first year of life may be a period of developmental vulnerability it may also be a period in which therapeutic interventions would have the greatest positive effect.

4. Helps strengthen the child’s immunity – encouraging fewer colds, and less ear infections.

A study published in the Journal for Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics by Philips, N.J. demonstrated a 93% improvement in cases of ear infection while under chiropractic treatment, 75% within days.

5. All of the above leading to better sleep patterns

Unfortunately we hear of many mothers making multiple trips with their kids to the doctor with ear infections and coughs resulting in rounds of antibiotics and medication though out the year. This has become ‘normal’ for many but it doesn’t need to be.

If you have concerns about the health of your children please feel free to call me, I promise you I’ll put your mind at ease. Your Prince and Princess will be given the Royal treatment in our office at Optimal Chiropractic in Ballincollig. Call 021 487 84 65

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