Vertigo; maybe that’s why Kylie was ‘Spinning Around’!


It’s unlikely vertigo was Kylie’s inspiration when she sang;

“I’m spinning around, move out of my way”
although to someone who’s unfamiliar with the symptoms of vertigo, the line might go some way to explain the sensation involved.

Perhaps Pete Burn of Dead or Alive fame best described it when he sang;
“You Spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby
right round round round.” 

Photo by Gavin Whitney: www.MusicOomph.com

Whatever your record of choice, living with vertigo is no laughing matter.

Anyone who has ever suffered from it will tell you that it is a terrible sensation often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loss of balance or headaches.

Use of medication and inner ear problems are often cited as causes. (N.B. if vertigo started while on a new medication please consult your G.P)

In my Chiropractic Clinic in Cork, I’ve seen a number of cases of vertigo involving upper cervical (neck) interference due to injuries/damage.

Upper cervical dysfunction often goes uncorrected and that is why symptoms come and go.

Prior trauma or prolonged bad postural patterns create misalignment in the upper neck bones, specifically C1 and C2, called subluxations.

These subluxations can cause faulty motion patterns that create misinformation about body position and movement going from the joints to the brain.

This causes nerve irritation that results in many undesirable symptoms, one which is commonly vertigo.

The only way to know if this is a potential cause or contributing factor to your vertigo would be to have your neck thoroughly examined using diagnostics such as a nerve scan and upper cervical x-rays.

The upper cervical spine is anatomically unique, with great mobility coupled with reduced stability. Hence, it is especially vulnerable to trauma, especially whiplash-type trauma.

Chiropractors are exceptionally well trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical vertigo and chiropractic adjustments are a safe and very effective treatment.

I have attached a link to an article from the European Spine Journal titled Vertigo in Patients with Cervical Spine Dysfunction.

The authors defined “dysfunction” as a reversible, function restriction of motion of an individual spinal segment or as articular malfunction presenting with hypomobility.

The authors also state that upper cervical spine dysfunctions can cause vertigo and they cite 13 references to support the premise.

If you suffer from vertigo, dizziness or headaches, please give us a call to book an examination to see what solutions we have.

Contact us on 021 487 8465 or fill out the contact form to request a free posture analysis to determine if an upper cervical spine misalignment could be the cause of your vertigo.

Photo by Gavin Whitney: www.MusicOomph.com

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