Taking Time For You, Isn’t That Selfish?

I promise you, taking time for the things you love will increase your happiness. But what do you love to do? It’s different for everybody. Get clarity around this question. Take time to figure it out. How will you know when you are happy, what will it look like? It’s often the little things that […]

Curves Matter; Essential arches eliminate pain in the neck and lower back

Arches create greater strength and stability. Stronger resistance to compressive force occurs when arch-like curves occupy a structure. Some of the strongest and most stable structures on earth used arches in their construction. Buildings, churches, bridges, roadways, and tunnels make up a few examples of sturdy structures built using arches. The most important use of […]

The Destructive Impact of Abnormal Posture

Vertebral Subluxation* plays a major role in bad posture and this study reveals the detrimental effects of deviated posture in a human. (Postural Deviation is a term used to describe different ways in which our posture can become unaligned from the ‘norm’. (eg. rounded upper back or forward head posture)) This was a study published […]

Detection of Scoliosis – Spinal Care for Children is a Must

Research from one of the most well-respected medical journals in the world explains that when a spine is not moving correctly, a cascade of pathways are triggered in the spinal cord and nervous system. This alteration in the spine and nerve pathways, known as vertebral subluxation, predisposes a child or adult to a plethora of […]

Why it’s important for children to see a chiropractor

For my family getting checked weekly is a given. My daughter Aisling is checked (and adjusted if needed) weekly. She started school recently and her weekly visit to the office will continue throughout her schooling. I’m privileged that parents bring their children to see me for treatment. Often parents seek care for spinal problems that […]

Success – what is it? Define what success means to YOU.

Define What Success Means Along with 3 other health professionals, The Irish Examiner recently covered my morning routine. I’m a big believer in how you start your day determines your success.   But what is Success? It can mean different things to different people. One persons interpretation of success will look completely different to the […]

The Benefits of Regular Walking

Walking is one of the simplest ways to incorporate physical fitness while reaping numerous life-saving health benefits. Walking may have the potential to increase your energy and mood, tone muscles and strengthen bones, burn calories and decrease your chance of conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Start with Your Walking Goal: With walking, […]

GAA Players & Hip Injury – is going under the knife the only option?

Little known facts about GAA players & Hip Injury: 75% of hip surgery patients in Ireland play GAA. The average age going under the knife is 26 years old! GAA Players and Hip Injury The average GAA player believe these 3 myths; 1. “I’m too young to have hip pain” When most people think of […]

Seasonal Germs Do Not Exist

The media perpetuates the idea in which a period of time takes place every year where people become more susceptible to the flu and sickness. The body will always encounter germs on a second by second basis and many possess the capability to create cold and flu-like symptoms. Why is that one family member gets […]