Cash for Christmas: Your Shot at €1,000 in Our Festive Giveaway!

Cash for Christmas

‘Tis the season of giving, and here at Optimal Chiropractic in Ballincollig, we’re thrilled to spread the holiday cheer with our Cash for Christmas Giveaway!

This December, we’re giving you the chance to win big – €1,000 in cash! Whether the Cash for Christmas pays for heating or food bills, a little getaway or something you’ve always wanted, how you choose to spend it is up to you.

How to Enter:
Entering the Christmas Cash Giveaway is easy. Simply fill out the entry form below with your name and email. We promise, it’s that easy. 

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Christmas Giveaway Entry Form

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Terms and Conditions

Early Birds Catch the Prizes:
But wait, there’s more! We believe in the spirit of giving, and that’s why we’re sprinkling a few surprises along the way. Entrants who get in early might find themselves unwrapping additional prizes! It’s our way of making the journey to December 18th even more exciting!

Important Dates to Remember:
Competition Opens: Friday, December 1st
Winner Announced: Monday, December 18th

Who Can Enter:
To make sure the holiday spirit is shared responsibly, entrants must be over 18 years of age. 

Full details of our terms and conditions can be found here.

Spread the Cheer:
Help us make this holiday season unforgettable! Share this giveaway with your friends, family, and colleagues. Let’s create a ripple of joy that extends far beyond the walls of our chiropractic clinic.

The Christmas Cash Giveaway is our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Optimal Chiropractic family.

Finally, here’s wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with love, laughter, and the chance to win big!

30 Responses

  1. I have been going to Dr Ben for many years and all the kids attend as well.
    Dr Ben has a huge depth of knowledge and great for advice. my back is so much better and ive not very few migraines.

    The 1st day my son walked out of the clinic(at 7 years old), his only comment was ‘my head feels so much lighter’.

    1. That’s so cool to hear Mary!! Thank you so much for the recommendation. It has been a privilege to take care of you all and see your kids grow into wonderful young adults.

  2. I started going to Ben and his team earlier this year and the positive impact on my overall health has been amazing. Their dedication to their patients’ healing journey is evident at every visit. I would highly recommend Optimal Chiropractic to anyone who wishes to improve their health and maximise their wellbeing. 100% worth it!

    1. Thank you so much for the great review Laura. We are so happy that we have been able to help to improve your health in such a huge way.

  3. I’m going to Dr Ben for the past few months, Dr Ben & all his staff are fabulous, friendly, & professional, my mobility is far beyond I could have expected, I can now touch my toes which may not be any big deal to others but for me is a huge achievement as I was unable to do so for years , (which no other practice could achieve), my posture is a lot better, I now walk tall (for longer), am more confident, sleep better & migraines are also a lot less, I could go on & on with all my improvements but I think you get the jist, I highly recommend optimal chiropractic, expect miracles is they’re motto, well all I can say is “believe it”. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart & Dr Ben thank you for giving me my life back

  4. What can I say Ben and his team save my back, as a massage therapist I do a lot of physical work and I need to be stand up for so many hours and my lower back suffer sometimes.
    After the treatment that I received in Optimal Chiropractic my posture change, nowadays I always recommend them to my customers if they need to go for a chiropractor section.
    Without doubt I always recommend Ben and his lovely team.

  5. Great friendly, staff that take a genuine interest in clients and promote positivity and wellbeing as well as providing great chiropractic services.

  6. I have been going to Ben for a number of years now when I first started I could hardly walk ..but with Ben’s help and dedication I am doing great now . Thank you all so much for everything I would be lost without you and it’s a blessing just to know you are always a phone call away

  7. Ever since I have been going to Dr. Ben, my overall wellness has increased significantly. I feel physically so much better. As much as I would love to keep visiting (for remedy or maintenance), my financial and career situation has hindered me to do my regular visits. Yet, Dr. Ben has still helped me find a way around it for me to still have my visits at the very least possible. I would recommend him and his clinic to everyone and anyone as much as possible.

    1. You have improved so much since you started with us and I am delighted to help you anyway I can. We love taking care of you in our office Audrey

  8. All the staff are so knowledgeable and helpful.
    That all know me and that feels great.
    My back, posture, and sleep has definitely improved since I’ve been attending.

  9. I went to Ben he fantastic 👏 he have gift with he hands ✋️ 🙌 I did go to see him he very kind and did tell what the problem it’s was my back it in bad way and I thank so much for what did on the date I met but I did tell I would go to see him because I haven’t the money I wish I could go to see but I can’t afford Ben and grethman I do say to my friends go to him I tell everyone about Ben so I wish veryone best of luck I wish Ben and he family happy Christmas 🎄 and happy new year 🎉 😊 ❤️ ❤️ thanks so much Ben 🙏🏼

  10. The only problem is that we cannot find a Dr Ben and a team like optimalchiro everywhere 😭. I need to be honest, when I started with Dr. Ben I didn’t have much hope… for years I tried everything and even though there was a immediately relive, felt more like a band aid, but I was desperate I decided to give it a try. And turned out the best decision I ever made. I’m still in a very initial process but I know it will make my life so much better.
    Thank you to all of you.

    1. Thank you so much for the beautifully honest review. I think many people feel the same way as you when they first start care and it is so wonderful to see you progressing so quickly!

  11. Starting my journey with Dr Ben and his team.all staff are so professional.looking forward to getting some great results.

    1. Thnak you for the kind words, the team will be delighted to hear it. We’re looking forward to taking care of you and getting wonderful results

  12. I started going to Dr. Ben about a month ago. Already after the first session I felt the change. Before I had headaches every 2, 3 days and in the last month I had a headache only once, I have more energy, the back pain has decreased. It is a wonderful team with a lot of professionalism that always offers new information. Thank you for everything and I recommend you with all confidence.

    1. Thank you for the lovely review Renata and also for placing your trust in us. I am so happy you have had such wonderful results

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