10 Things I Would Never Do As A Chiropractor

10 things I would never do as a Chiropractor

As a chiropractor based in Cork dedicated to promoting spinal health and overall well-being, there are certain practices I adhere to diligently.

Here are ten things I would never do as a chiropractor, accompanied by the reasons behind my choices and how they impact spinal health.

I would never sit for more than 30 minutes without taking a break to stretch and move my body.

Prolonged sitting exerts tremendous pressure on the spine and can lead to stiffness and discomfort. By incorporating regular breaks for stretching and movement, I enhance circulation, maintain focus, and prevent spinal issues associated with prolonged sitting.

As a Chiropractor, I would never rely on a posture corrector to fix my posture.

While posture correctors may offer temporary relief, they foster dependency rather than strengthening the muscles responsible for maintaining proper posture. Instead, I focus on exercises to strengthen these muscles, promoting long-term spinal health and stability.

Even as a Chiropractor, I would never crack my own neck or back with a quick twisting motion.

The trend of self-adjustments seen on social media platforms can be harmful, leading to muscle spasms and hyper-mobility. Opting for gentle stretches with controlled breathing ensures safe and effective spinal mobility, while seeking professional chiropractic care addresses persistent restrictions.

I would never look down at my phone with poor posture.

Constantly hunching over our phones reverses the natural curve of the neck, exerting excessive pressure on the brainstem. This detrimental posture not only leads to discomfort but also accelerates the ageing process and increases the risk of spinal issues.

I would never carry a heavy bag on one side.

Unevenly distributing weight on one shoulder causes spinal misalignment and can lead to shoulder and neck problems. Maintaining balanced weight distribution across both shoulders prevents postural imbalances and associated issues.

I would never sit with a wallet in my back pocket.

Placing a wallet in the back pocket tilts the pelvis and creates spinal curvature, contributing to premature wear and tear and arthritis. Removing the wallet while seated preserves spinal alignment and reduces the risk of chronic spinal conditions.

I would never sleep on my stomach.

Sleeping on the stomach requires twisting the neck for extended periods, disrupting spinal alignment and impeding vital nerve signals between the brain and body. Opting to sleep on your side of back instead, promotes spinal health and ensures restorative sleep.

I would never go a day without moving my body

Regular movement, whether through stretching, foam rolling, or walking, prevents muscle stiffness and maintains flexibility as we age. By prioritising daily movement, I promote optimal spinal health and overall well-being.

I would never ignore my body’s warning signs.

Recognising and addressing discomfort or pain promptly is essential for preventing worsening spinal issues and long-term damage. Prioritising self-care and seeking professional help when needed ensures proactive management of spinal health.

As a Chiropractor, I will never stop learning and evolving.

Professional development is essential for providing the best possible care to patients. By staying informed about the latest research and techniques, I remain dedicated to advancing spinal health and wellness.

In conclusion, these ten principles serve as pillars of my commitment to promoting spinal health and overall well-being as a chiropractor in Cork.

By adhering to these practices and encouraging others to do the same, I strive to empower individuals to prioritise their spinal health and live life to the fullest.

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