Paws for a Cause: Supporting Shelter Dogs with Chiropractic Care

'Pause for a Cause' Photo of Dr. Ben Martin Dr. Jess Crosbie and Aisling Martin of Optimal Chiropractic with Caithriona from D.A.W.G and her rescued pet Katie the Lurcher.

Choosing a charity to collaborate with is always a challenging decision, given the multitude of worthy causes.

This year, we focused our attention on animal charities and ultimately selected D.A.W.G. (Dog Action Welfare Group) for our “Paws for a Cause” campaign.

It will offer individuals the chance to address their health concerns while contributing to the welfare of shelter dogs.

Paws for A Cause

Between April 15th and 18th, we’re offering chiropractic consultations for just €40, a significant reduction from the usual €85.

These consultations encompass a comprehensive assessment including full history taking, scans, and a report of findings aimed at identifying the root cause of discomfort.

Every euro collected will be directly donated to D.A.W.G.

This initiative is particularly beneficial for those grappling with back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other ailments that have proven resistant to conventional remedies.

Over the years, we’ve assisted numerous individuals in Cork to reclaim their pain-free lifestyles and pursue the activities they love.


D.A.W.G., driven primarily by a network of dedicated volunteers, is committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs in Cork.

Their mission extends beyond immediate rescue efforts to educating the public on responsible dog ownership and welfare.

Each year, D.A.W.G. faces mounting pressure as they strive to accommodate the growing number of dogs in need of rescue. Veterinary expenses, a significant financial burden, are a constant concern.

Many of the dogs they rescue arrive in dire conditions, necessitating extensive medical intervention, often lifesaving surgeries.

Meet Katie:

Katie, a Lurcher, embodies the transformative impact of D.A.W.G.’s intervention. Katie was discovered in bad shape.

Found with a rope knotted tightly around her neck, devoid of fur, covered in wounds and mange all over her body.  She was malnourished, depressed with chronic neglect. Sadly she had been subjected to brutal treatment for hunting. (We’ve seen the before pictures but they are just too shocking to share.)

Today, under the loving care of Cathríona, a volunteer turned owner, Katie thrives in her forever home. She glows with health and has a gorgeous velvet coat. She is the most gentle creature and great with children.

Her journey from despair to happiness exemplifies the profound difference D.A.W.G. makes in the lives of these animals.

The Current Dog Crisis

Our partnership with D.A.W.G. has shed light on the severity of the animal welfare crisis. Reasons vary, from pets acquired during lockdown now deemed inconvenient to individuals underestimating the responsibilities and costs of pet ownership. While puppies often garner preference, countless older dogs yearn for a loving home. It’s a plea worth considering.

Making a Difference

This promotion targets individuals grappling with common ailments such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and headaches. Chiropractic care offers a comprehensive approach to alleviating these issues, enhancing overall well-being and quality of life.

Participating in this campaign affords individuals the opportunity to address their health concerns while championing the welfare of shelter dogs.

How to Get Involved

To book your consultation, simply call Optimal Chiropractic at 021 4878465.

Mary or Joy will facilitate your appointment and request the €40 donation over the phone directly benefiting the charity.

Please share this campaign with others who might benefit from it.

For existing patients wishing to contribute, a donation bucket will be available in our office throughout the promotion.

Additionally, those interested in volunteering or fostering with D.A.W.G. can find more information at www.dogactionwelfaregroup.ie

Let’s unite as a community to support ‘Paws for A Cause.’

Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of shelter dogs while nurturing our own well-being through chiropractic care. 

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