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ValenSpine, Love Your Spine Promotion in aid of Marymount Hospice

Our Valenspine promotion runs Valentine’s Week. Is constant pain keeping your loved ones from leading a normal, happy life or from accomplishing simple everyday tasks? A €20 donation to Marymount will get them a free initial consultation with scans in our office. Between 12th and 15th February 2018 we invite you to have your spine […]

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Improved performance and recovery time begins with maximisation of the spine and nervous system

The impact of human performance makes sports and recreational activities attractive to people as both spectators and active participants. A deeply satisfying element exists within watching and experiencing human beings successfully think, move, and react to adversity and challenge. A well-functioning body serves as the greatest piece of equipment in any playing arena.  Today’s greatest […]

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Headache and its connection to the neck

When you get a headache, do you reach for the nearest pain killer? Have you considered a drug free alternative that works? A study* produced in the mid-1990’s revolutionised headache research. A Russian-born researcher named Dr Nikoli Bogduk determined that all headaches shared a relationship with the neck. Dr. Bogduk noted that every single headache […]

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The Truth About Chiropractic For Children – What you need to know

Children and the truth about Chiropractic Care. Chiropractors all over the world check and adjust their own childrens’ spines on a regular basis. My own daughter is checked every single week and here’s why; Current science and research prove that providing care for a child’s spine and nervous system on a regular basis proves to […]

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Pain Free Future Nurtured by Chiropractic Wellness

A pain free lifestyle is possible with Chiropractic care. Consistent Chiropractic visits directly produce benefits in overall organ health, prevention of bone and nerve degeneration, increased range of motion, and injury prevention. Research* proves an uncompromising link between Chiropractic maintenance care and the optimised levels of function within the body. It is proven that unhealthy […]

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Spinal Health – I wish we wore our spines on the outside!

Spinal health and the importance of taking care of something that cannot be replaced. I’ve often pondered would people have better health if they wore their spines on the outside. As human beings we are obsessed about how we look.  The most successful blogs and social media pages are fashion, beauty and celebrity based. As consumers we […]

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Degeneration Occurs When the Spine Doesn’t Move

Degeneration of the Spine A study published in 2004* evaluated spinal degeneration in mice. Researchers placed metal rods on their spinal vertebrae preventing specific vertebral movement. Surfaces of the bone and discs showed degeneration after just one to four weeks of decreased movement in a spinal vertebra. The most important finding of this research showed […]

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It's not about pain - it's about the brain

Chiropractic is not about pain – it’s about the brain

A study from an important medical journal in 2007* proved that a Chiropractic adjustment changes overall body health by directly improving brain function. This study proved a person can have a subluxation without experiencing any symptoms. This is ground-breaking because too many people still believe that Chiropractic care is only for people with back pain. […]

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Head over Heels in Cannes says your Chiropractor

“Head over heels at Cannes” says your Chiropractor

There’s been a lot of controversy in the last week over Cannes Film festival organisers refusing entry to several women wearing flat shoes at the star studded event. So outraged are women around the world, it’s been dubbed “flatgate.” In my opinion these ladies used their head over their heels! I know the arguments for […]

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