Chiropractic is not about pain – it’s about the brain

It's not about pain - it's about the brain

A study from an important medical journal in 2007* proved that a Chiropractic adjustment changes overall body health by directly improving brain function.

This study proved a person can have a subluxation without experiencing any symptoms. This is ground-breaking because too many people still believe that Chiropractic care is only for people with back pain.


The research studied five tests that can be performed by every Chiropractor to indicate whether or not a baby, child, or adult has a subluxation, regardless of pain or symptoms.

The landmark study completed by professional doctors and scientists also measured brain and body changes after actively (doctor assisted) and passively (no assistance) moving the patient’s head and neck. The researchers wanted to see if any movement of the spine or the human touch had an effect on improving the brain like an adjustment.

The answer was no. 

Any vertebra that is not moving or aligned appropriately in the spine negatively affects the brain and the entire nervous system. And the only proven means to improving this state of disharmony within the body is a Chiropractic adjustment.

Spinal subluxations interfere with the brain’s ability to control every muscle, organ, and tissue in the body. In fact, most of the unwanted symptoms that people suffer from today come as a direct or indirect result of a nervous system problem.

Chiropractors help infants, children, and adults get their life and health back by improving brain function through life improving adjustments.

*Cervical spine manipulation alters sensorimotor integration: A somatosensory evoked potential study Clin Neurophysiol 2007 Feb 29;118(2):391-402.
Heidi Haavik-Taylor, Bernadette Murphy
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  1. Wow!!! Well done. I’m going to play this on the TV in my hot-seat area for pts to watch – with sound off, captions on. Thanks for the captions, thanks for making this.
    Dr. David Hoewisch

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