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Antidepressants and anxiety pill use in a stress filled routine – what is the answer?

One of the most troubling outcomes of stress materialises in the number of adults under the influence of antidepressants and mind-altering anti-psychotic medications. As many as 500,000 people take antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills in Ireland. A young generation of children bears witness to adults and parents needing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs to cope with daily pressures. […]

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Normalising Pill Popping; Why these dangerous news headlines make me so angry

Careless headlines like these normalise prescription drug taking. Saying that children should be put on statins to reduce their chance of stroke later in life is dangerous and irresponsible to the highest degree. Many people who develop heart disease and stroke have normal cholesterol levels. When I present health talks to groups and organisations one of […]

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Leaving Cert – 12 Steps to Help Reduce Stress

Leaving Cert can be stressful…there’s no denying. Statistics show the rate of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. A survey by Pieta House last year revealed 50% of students say that school pressure is their top concern. “There has been a 163% increase in the number of […]

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Headache and its connection to the neck

When you get a headache, do you reach for the nearest pain killer? Have you considered a drug free alternative that works? A study* produced in the mid-1990’s revolutionised headache research. A Russian-born researcher named Dr Nikoli Bogduk determined that all headaches shared a relationship with the neck. Dr. Bogduk noted that every single headache […]

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Stress, Pain and the Immune System – how thinking negative thoughts makes everything feel worse

Stress, Pain and the Immune System – how thinking negative thoughts makes everything feel worse… Did you know that expecting to feel pain can actually make you feel pain? Research studies show that the way that you experience pain depends on your personal situation and how you feel about the situation. Getting wrapped up in […]

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