Exams and stress reduction – avoiding back and neck pain while studying

Exams, be it Leaving Cert, Junior Cert or University Level, are understandably stressful times for students.

By planning ahead students can avoid getting too stressed out on the run-up to exams.

1) Know the exam timetable/schedule
Make a revision timetable – include exam times, revision breaks, meal times and exercise periods. (Pin a copy where all the family can see it)

2) Sit comfortably
Find a comfortable and supportive chair which will take pressure away from the lower back and make it easier to sit at a desk for prolonged periods. Recognise when you are slouching and correct posture.

Exams and stress reduction - avoiding back and neck pain while studying


3) Regular breaks and relaxation
Take a 15 minute break after 2 hours of work to avoid physical ailments such as neck and back pain.

4) Diet
Skipping any meal has shown to reduce learning. Avoid unhealthy food. Consider a fish oil supplement; Omega-3 fatty acids improve brain function (available here from the office).

5) Exercise
Exercise helps increase concentration.

6) Sleep
8-10 hours of good sleep will improve thinking & concentration.

8) The power of a Chiropractic adjustment
After receiving a chiropractic neck adjustment, a 2011 study* shows, patients had altered brain activity in the parts of the brain responsible for pain processing and stress reactions. They also had significantly reduced cortisol levels, indicating decreased stress.

We wish every student sitting exams the very best of luck this Summer. We wish to offer you an initial consultation for only €50 (normally costs €85). Please bring a student card to your appointment as form of ID.

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