Poor posture increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 64%

Heart disease – the silent killer

People tend to equate poor posture to a visually cosmetic problem. Slumped shoulders, hunched backs, and tilted posture end up being viewed as an unflattering external issue.

A much more dangerous internal concern lies beneath the surface.

Poor posture negatively influences the health of the entire body and causes destruction that far outweighs cosmetic flaws and back pain.

A study* published by the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2006 followed over 4,000 men for 20 years. Researchers assessed and monitored each subject’s posture and evaluated health risks in relationship with poor posture.

The men who experienced the greatest posture deviations and height loss over the 20 year period experienced a 64% higher risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Poor posture increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 64%

The heart was directly influenced by poor posture because of the relationship between the posture, spine, and nervous system. The evidence strongly suggests that spinal evaluations and regular alignment be part of every family wellness plan.

Every Chiropractic adjustment positively influences posture by improving the alignment and movement of the spine and upgrading brain and nervous system function.

Adjustments improve equilibrium, stability, and flexibility while helping people better adapt to the daily stresses of life.

Pain does not serve as a good indicator for whether a child or adult needs a Chiropractor. Waiting for pain to surface usually hinders what would otherwise be a faster healing process.

The effects of poor posture happen slowly over time, most frequently with few to no outward symptoms. Science proves that extensive damage may not surface until significant damage has taken root.

A 64% risk of coronary heart disease in those with poor posture proves just how significantly problems can escalate.

Chiropractors specialise in improving posture by addressing the health and condition of the spine and nervous system for people of all ages.

If you are concerned about your posture and wish to get an evaluation please contact Dr. Benjamin Martin today on 021 487 8465 or email the doctor privately below;

Research Collated by Dr. Dan Sullivan.
*Archives of Internal Medicine Dec. 11-25;166(22):2546-52 “Height loss in older men: associations with total mortality and incidence of cardiovascular disease..”
SG. Wannamethee, AG. Shaper, L. Lennon, PH. Whincup

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