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Poor posture increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 64%

Heart disease – the silent killer People tend to equate poor posture to a visually cosmetic problem. Slumped shoulders, hunched backs, and tilted posture end up being viewed as an unflattering external issue. A much more dangerous internal concern lies beneath the surface. Poor posture negatively influences the health of the entire body and causes […]

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You're doing this and it's damaging your health

You’re doing this everyday and it’s damaging your health

The following study shows how your health is being compromised by doing something we are all guilty of … A study published in 2014* explained that the average person spends two to four hours a day with their head tilted forward, reading and texting on a smart phone. That time adds up to between 700-1400 […]

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Degeneration Occurs When the Spine Doesn’t Move

Degeneration of the Spine A study published in 2004* evaluated spinal degeneration in mice. Researchers placed metal rods on their spinal vertebrae preventing specific vertebral movement. Surfaces of the bone and discs showed degeneration after just one to four weeks of decreased movement in a spinal vertebra. The most important finding of this research showed […]

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Low Back Pain – the facts, the causes and the treatment

Do you have low back pain or pain while sitting? In this article we assess the facts, causes and treatment of low back pain. For an individual assessment you can contact me directly from this link ‘Ask Doctor Ben’ and I will respond as soon as possible. The Facts: The low back supports most of the body’s […]

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How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain While Studying

How to Avoid Back and Neck Pain while Studying

Pain while studying is more common than you think. Exam time is understandably stressful time for students. While there is often an emphasis on the importance of diet and exercise during this time, students should also be mindful of their posture to avoid pain while studying. While studying students spend a lot of time sitting at a desk […]

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There’s not one reason a healthy child needs Chiropratic Care

There’s not one reason a healthy child needs Chiropractic Care

That’s right, there’s not one reason but there are in fact 10 good reasons why a healthy child needs Chiropractic Care. Did you know that Chiropractic is gentle and safe? Only light force is needed when adjusting a child. Imagine the pressure needed to press your finger into a ripe tomato. But why would a healthy child need Chiropractic? […]

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