There’s not one reason a healthy child needs Chiropractic Care

There’s not one reason a healthy child needs Chiropratic Care

That’s right, there’s not one reason but there are in fact 10 good reasons why a healthy child needs Chiropractic Care.

Did you know that Chiropractic is gentle and safe? Only light force is needed when adjusting a child. Imagine the pressure needed to press your finger into a ripe tomato.

But why would a healthy child need Chiropractic?

Firstly, birth can be a traumatic process on an infant’s body, even a smooth and natural birth without interventions. I cover this in-depth in a previous article, follow this link to read about it.

Do you know that a child learning to walk falls over 25 times a day? Think about all those other knocks and falls as they get older. Or those awkward sleep positions kids find themselves in.

There's not one reason a child needs Chiropractic
You know how your neck feels when you sleep awkwardly? It’s no different for a child.

What about bad posture, poor food choices, exposure to toxins, stress or anxiety…the list goes on. These are all irritations to the nervous system (or vertebral subluxations) that occur as part of normal everyday life.

When you realise how the nervous system may be impaired it makes sense that more and more parents are getting their children checked.

Here are 10 reasons parents take healthy children to Chiropractors. (from an article by Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani)

  1. To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development).
  2. To support their child’s overall health and wellbeing.
  3. To help strengthen their child’s immunity and potentially reduce the incidence of colds, ear-aches and general illness.
  4. To assist with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome.
  5. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies.
  6. To encourage good spinal posture.
  7. To help improve their child’s ability to concentrate.
  8. To assist with behavioural disorders.
  9. To help alleviate digestive problems.
  10. To assist with bed-wetting and sleep issues.

Call Mary our Chiropractic Assistant on 021 487 8465 to make an appointment to have your child checked or message me directly here for more information.

Please spread the word by sharing this article with family and friends so that we can send healthier, stronger children back to school this season.

Thank you!

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