Low Energy an Issue? Unlock a more energetic future with Chiropractic

Long or reoccurring periods of low energy impact everything from employment to relationships. Parents need energy to raise their children. Children need energy to focus in school. Daily tasks require consistent output and maximised use of the body’s ability to generate positive energy. Millions of euro change hands every single day from a low energy […]

The Truth About Chiropractic For Children – What you need to know

Children and the truth about Chiropractic Care. Chiropractors all over the world check and adjust their own childrens’ spines on a regular basis. My own daughter is checked every single week and here’s why; Current science and research prove that providing care for a child’s spine and nervous system on a regular basis proves to […]

A 5MPH Crash is Enough to Cause Spinal Damage

A 5MPH Crash is Enough to Cause Spinal Damage

Spinal damage from small traumas often turn into major health problems due to the spine’s intimate relationship with the central nervous system and brain. A motor vehicle impact at a speed as slow as five miles per hour creates enough impact to cause severe spinal damage or injury. A study from 2006* evaluating the risk of […]

Aches and pains as you age – I don’t buy it!

C103 radio interview with Dr. Benjamin Martin

Aches and Pains – is this what a Chiropractor deals with? On Monday 18th January I had the opportunity to talk to Patricia Messenger of C103 about Chiropractic and the reason people need to go to a Chiropractor.   Many people still get the impression that Chiropractors only deal with aches and pains, not realising 70% […]

There’s not one reason a healthy child needs Chiropractic Care

There’s not one reason a healthy child needs Chiropratic Care

That’s right, there’s not one reason but there are in fact 10 good reasons why a healthy child needs Chiropractic Care. Did you know that Chiropractic is gentle and safe? Only light force is needed when adjusting a child. Imagine the pressure needed to press your finger into a ripe tomato. But why would a healthy child need Chiropractic? […]