Aches and pains as you age – I don’t buy it!

C103 radio interview with Dr. Benjamin Martin

Aches and Pains – is this what a Chiropractor deals with?

On Monday 18th January I had the opportunity to talk to Patricia Messenger of C103 about Chiropractic and the reason people need to go to a Chiropractor.

Many people still get the impression that Chiropractors only deal with aches and pains, not realising 70% of my clients are people who come in for regular care to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Aches and pains as you age - I don't buy it!

I use the analogy of dentists who have educated the public really well about dental hygiene and the importance of regular checkups to maintain good oral health.

Likewise, Chiropractors are finally educating the public about spinal health and the importance of regular check-ups to maintain optimum health of their spine and nervous system.

Listeners called in to ask questions about nerve pain, sciatica and arthritis which I gladly answered. I explained what’s involved with a Chiropractic adjustment, what it feels like, as well as the various techniques available.

We discuss the “I’m getting these aches and pains it must be because I’m getting old” theory which, by the way, I don’t buy into, and I meant it when I said the following;

“You don’t get to play the ‘old’ card until you’re over 80!”

Aches and pains as you age - I don't buy it!

I don’t believe as you age you should lose your quality of life.

Chiropractic allows people to enjoy their life as they age, to have full range of movement without aches and pains.

After all, there’s so much for over 60’s to enjoy in life, such as taking holidays, spending time with their grandchildren or enjoying the pastimes they never had time for during their working life.

Have a listen to the interview below and let me know what you think please.

Do you agree that life begins at 60 and aches and pains should not be a by-product of aging?

Drop me a line here if you have any questions, I’ll be delighted to answer them.

Alternatively call me on 021 487 8465 with any of your questions.

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Dr. Benjamin Martin is a Chiropractor and speaker on Health and Wellbeing. Ben is regularly called on to discuss health topics and chiropractic on radio, tv and press. His promise is to adjust and educate as many families as possible towards optimal health. His work changes lives and has restored people's quality of life.
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