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Healthy Ageing – Older Adults and Chiropractic

Healthy Ageing and Chiropractic Care This video highlights how Chiropractic Care can benefit older adults who tend to favour more traditional medical practice. We take a closer look at a couple of recent studies that indicate how Chiropractic care can have a protective role in preserving functional ability. Research has shown us that Chiropractic Care […]

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C103 radio interview with Dr. Benjamin Martin

Aches and pains as you age – I don’t buy it!

Aches and Pains – is this what a Chiropractor deals with? On Monday 18th January I had the opportunity to talk to Patricia Messenger of┬áC103 about Chiropractic and the reason people need to go to a Chiropractor.   Many people still get the impression that Chiropractors only deal with aches and pains, not realising 70% […]

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