Low Energy an Issue? Unlock a more energetic future with Chiropractic

Long or reoccurring periods of low energy impact everything from employment to relationships.

Parents need energy to raise their children. Children need energy to focus in school. Daily tasks require consistent output and maximised use of the body’s ability to generate positive energy.

Millions of euro change hands every single day from a low energy hungry population into the hands of manufacturers who specialise in energy drinks, supplements, and other chemical concoctions to produce artificial energy.
Low Energy an Issue? Unlock a more energetic future with Chiropractic
Chiropractic care provides a safe, healthy alternative to those chemicals and additives through a number of natural avenues. An adjustment reduces unnecessary stress on muscle attached to spinal bones. A misaligned vertebra forces protective contractions by muscles that work to prevent bones from becoming more misaligned. Even the slightest misalignment taxes energy levels until normal motion and aligned returns.

Those same misalignments go a step further and disrupt brain to body communication. Nerve interference impacts the sensitive relationship between the body and the central nervous system. Hormones become imbalanced and adrenal glands activate and exhaust energy. Research from 2014 determined that spinal adjustments improve spinal movement and minimise nervous system interference while reducing stress hormones in the blood.

Sleep also serves as an instrumental part of the energy building process. Reduced stress in the spine creates a better balance in hormones, naturally producing better sleep quality. Chiropractic patients report improved sleep quality as one of the most common side effects of tending to their spinal care.

Reducing stress in the body’s physical and chemical make-up produces improved energy levels in all ages.

Life need not be fueled by artificial chemicals and substances that torment the digestive system and provide no long term solution. Say goodbye to a low energy live and Unlock a more energetic future with Chiropractic.

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Research compiled by Dr. Dan O’Sullivan,

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