Headache Relief and Solutions with Chiropractic Care – Every headache linked to the neck

Headache relief and solutions with Chiropractic Care

Millions of headache sufferers visit doctors with complaints of head pain each year. The most common therapy tends to be prescriptions for medication.

Powerful drugs do not address the cause of headaches.

Medications focus on numbing the pain while inflicting risks of dangerous side effects on the entire body.

The long-term impact of the drugs create stomach and intestinal issues such as ulcers, leaky gut syndrome, and irritable bowel.
Headache Relief and Solutions with Chiropractic Care - Every headache linked to the neck

Headache pain does not originate in the brain. Headache pain stems from blood vessels, muscles, and nerves in the head and neck.

Chiropractic gently realigns the vertebrae to improve function of the nervous system, reduce tension in the muscles, and increase blood flow.

A Chiropractic adjustment gets to the cause of many headaches by improving alignment and movement of the spine.

One of the greatest research experts of the past 30 years explored the anatomy and physiology of a headache in a report printed in a reputable medical journal*.

Research results linked every headache to an area in the neck. The research helped explain why Chiropractors achieve unique and favorable results for headache sufferers.

Chiropractic effectively reduces and eliminates headache frequency by addressing the source of headache pain rather than simply masking discomfort with drugs.

Headaches take a powerful toll on quality of life.

Painful and frequent headaches are not normal.

The solution begins with understanding that Chiropractic provides a healthy and permanent alternative to pain and pharmaceutical drugs.

By sharing this information you can make others aware of the alternative approach and benefits available through Chiropractic adjustments.

*Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy -1995
“Anatomy and physiology of headache.” N Bogduk

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