Father’s Day – 10 Tips for a Happier Home

Father’s Day and the role of ‘Dad’

As Father’s Day approaches I wanted to share with you this piece that was first published in The New York Times to mark Father’s Day. It’s an editorial written by a young father offering 10 tips that make good sense anytime of the year.

1. It is impossible to raise a hang-up free child. Wanting perfect children is a hang-up in itself.
2. The way my children speak to each other is an accurate reflection of the way my wife and I speak to each other. Children are both sponges and mirrors.
3. Holding my children accountable for their own choices and decisions gives them the best shot at maturity.
4. Every criticism I give must be balanced at some point by a sign of acceptance and praise.
5. My children need my time, a lot of it – reading a story, fixing a broken toy or playing games are all of more value than working a sixty-hour week for things they do not really need.
6. There can never be too much laughter or music in a home.
7. What you do is more important than what you say.
8. The child who drives me crazy making himself unlovable, is the child who needs my love the most.
9. If a child is without grandparents, serious consideration should be given to adopting some – Life’s bumpy road calls for another good pair of shock absorbers.
10. I must try not to be afraid or ashamed to ask for help when my own resources as a father fail me.

Father's Day - 10 Tips for a Happier HomeMy favourite is number 5.

My dad read to me as a child and those times will stay with me forever. The best time of the day is getting home in time to read stories to Aisling before bed.

I hope they will be happy memories for her when she grows up too.

Wishing my Father, Father-In-Law and Grandpa a very happy Father’s Day.

And to all the great Dad’s out there – keep doing what you’re doing.

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