Can chiropractic care help with Asthma?

Approximately 300 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with asthma, mostly in developed countries. Surprisingly, asthma is considered responsible for up to 250,000 deaths annually. That’s a very serious tally for something that is widely misunderstood as a bit of wheezing.
Asthma is defined as chronic (long-lasting) inflammation of the airways. The severity of this varies over time and with external factors, causing fluctuating degrees of wheezing, breathlessness, fatigue, coughing and so on.

Currently, asthma is treated with steroids administered via an inhaler.

How can chiropractic help my asthma?

Spinal misalignments cause many health problems because vertebrae pinch important nerves and restrict their effectiveness.

Research has shown that people who undergo spinal manipulation display significant improvement in asthma symptoms. In addition, patients actually undergoing spinal manipulation display dramatic improvement, suggesting that the treatments affected the patients’ health long term. These patients were expected to ward off subsequent asthmatic attacks.

These changes not only suggest that the effects of spinal manipulation are more far-reaching than commonly believed, but that they may be more long-term as well. The gain in health achieved after spinal adjustments were performed, is expected to reduce the incidence and severity of asthma attacks. There would be less of a risk under these circumstances of experiencing the symptoms of asthma.

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Dr. Benjamin Martin is a Chiropractor and speaker on Health and Wellbeing. Ben is regularly called on to discuss health topics and chiropractic on radio, tv and press. His promise is to adjust and educate as many families as possible towards optimal health. His work changes lives and has restored people's quality of life.
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