Top five reasons children need Chiropractors

Children by nature are prone to accidents. Their bodies are adjusting to new infections and attacks, and learning to build a natural immunity. It’s all part of the growing up process.

However, continued health attacks and complaints – which are often the commonest child health complaints – can include allergies and ear infections. There are numerous remedies that can be purchased over the counter which may clear up the issue, but they fail to help the body fight the attack itself. For parents, these options become a repetitive purchase and a dependency for the child.

It might interest you to know that many of the commonest child health complaints can be treated by Chiropractors. Chiropractors use natural techniques to help common problems, thus allowing the body to heal itself.


Here are the top five common issues we help with children:

1. Minor falls

Children fall over 5000 times before the age of five! The stage from crawling to walking means plenty of falls until they get the hang of it.


2. Colic

Excessive toddler tears can be attributed to Colic. This painful illness is a spasm inside the stomach and usually occurs in the evening and at night. It can begin as early as three weeks old and carry on until the age of three.


3.  Allergies and Asthma
Toddlers are most at risk of developing allergies. They tend to rear their ugly heads, and may then fade during adolescence.  Asthma is much the same. Chiropractic helps to clear interference in the nervous system to allow the immune system to perform at its best.


4. Backpacks

Mainly during middle school and high school age, as kids carry heavier and heavier loads like art folders and PE kits. Backpacks cause stress along the spine which strains the back. This is a key growth stage and long-term strain can cause long-term pain.


5. Ear infections

Ear infections are not only painful, but can affect orientation as the ears regulate balance. They also tend to cause dizziness and headaches. Those suffering become sensitive to sharp noises and harsh wind conditions.


A word from Dr Ben

‘Over 30% of our patients are under the age of 18. We see the above conditions on a daily basis and are happy to report that in 99% of cases, the child responds well to treatment. Parents constantly confide that they are much happier knowing their child is free of medication.’

If you have a child with allergies, asthma or back complaints, then bring them to the clinic. We’re always available on 021 487 8465.


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