The advantage of Chiropractic Care from a young age

The Advantage of Chiropractic Care from a A young age - Mother holding baby

In our Chiropractic office here in Ballincollig, Cork we see many newborns.

Have you ever wondered why a newborn would need Chiropractic care?

We help babies with their spinal function with the aim of improving the child’s brain ability to process what’s going on in their body.

The time period between birth to age 2 is the most dynamic and important phase of brain development in humans.

Interference or damage to a child’s nervous system during this period will have far reaching and permanent effects of the child’s potential.

These effects can affect the nervous, immune, hormonal, cognitive or behavioural capacity of the child.

You might ask why would a newborn baby have problems with the way their spine is functioning? 

The strains the baby faces during a c-section, forceps or other assisted delivery can cause injury to the spine and nervous system that doctors and parents may not even be aware of.

It’s a good idea to have your baby checked by a Chiropractor especially if they had a long or difficult birth to make sure they get the best possible start in life.

Parents come to us for a solution to colic, constipation, ear infections, ADHD or asthma, ideally nobody wants to take medicine for these.

Parents in this case are looking for a more natural solution but don’t know where or who to turn to. We’ve been helping families in Cork for over 20 years.

Newborns and infants are adjusted with no more pressure than one would use to test the ripeness of a tomato and we are delighted t report that the parents at our practice have commented that they see improvements in the general wellbeing of their child as a result of Chiropractic.

The gentle adjustment helps to settle baby and they always sleep better after.

Another concern of parents in our office; when is the right time for their child to walk or crawl.

One of the key factors in helping your child to crawl is plenty of “tummy time”.
This will help them develop the coordination, movement patterns and muscles they need to become a good crawler.

The important thing to note here is never be in a rush for your child to walk too early – let them walk in their own time.

Mother supporting baby walking
Photo by Mariia Liulevych on Unsplash

Encouraging your baby to walk pre-maturely may inhibit the amount of crawling your child does and place unnecessary stress on their developing spine.

If they learn to walk holding a walking aid or being encouraged by holding someones hands out in front, they are more likely to develop tightened hip flexors and tight hamstring muscles in their legs. This may lead to poor flexibility as an adult.

“Baby-walkers” are also not a good idea for the health of their spine. In a walker, babies do not learn how to use their muscles properly.

This teaches them to walk on tip toes, causing their leg muscles to become tight. Your baby needs to learn to roll, crawl, sit and to play on the floor, in order to reach their developmental milestones.

Besides everything we discussed about the advantage of Chiropractic for children one major thing stands out. As a parent or guardian you are doing something natural to assist in the health and wellbeing of your child without the use of medication. 

If you have any concerns in relation to your children please reach out, we are only happy to talk to you.

Call us at Ballincollig Cork; 021 487 8465.

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