Sciatica, a huge pain in the ass

Sciatica Pain in Ass

Sciatica Pain – a huge pain in the ass

Good old Sciatica – that unbearable guest that arrives uninvited, keeps you awake at night, interferes with your life and is the biggest pain in the ass you can imagine! If sciatica has paid a visit before, chances are, it can return at any time to the annoyance and pain of its’ host. Pregnant women put up with sciatica pain, believing it’s part and parcel of pregnancy. Repeat sufferers throw in the towel and say they have tried everything and nothing works. But did you know that Chiropractic has a 72% success rate in the treatment of Sciatica. (Here’s the science bit…)
Sciatica, a huge pain in the ass
Chiropractic adjustments result in 72% success rate in treating sciatica compared to 20% success from physical therapy and 50% from corticosteroid injections
So next time sciatica comes a knocking to you or a friend you’ll know what to do, have them pick up the phone to Dr. Ben 021 487 8465 and he’ll show it the door.

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