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Healthy Pregnancy; Chiropractic Ensures Better Fetal Development, Healthy Pregnancy and Labour

The Importance of a Healthy Pregnancy Pregnant mothers share a unified desire for positive outcomes to take place during pregnancy, delivery, and after giving birth: • Decreased duration of delivery • Decreased use of forceps • Decreased fluid overload • Decreased blood pressure • Decreased low back pain • Decreased likelihood of having a pre-term […]

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Pregnancy is not a medical condition – how to increase your wellbeing naturally during pregnancy

Many soon-to-be parents, familiar with the medical standard of care, treat pregnancy like a dangerous condition that requires consistent medical intervention. Chiropractic wants to bring peace and encouragement to expectant parents with an assurance that pregnancy and birth occur as normally as eating and sleeping. The same inborn intelligence that creates a baby will also […]

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Sciatica - How to Get Relief from Nerve Pain

Sciatica, a huge pain in the ass

Sciatica Pain – a huge pain in the ass Good old Sciatica – that unbearable guest that arrives uninvited, keeps you awake at night, interferes with your life and is the biggest pain in the ass you can imagine! If sciatica has paid a visit before, chances are, it can return at any time to […]

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