What Can Tigger Headaches? Have you considered this?

What Can Trigger Headache? Have you considered this?

Headaches, what’s the trigger? – Chocolate? Stress? 

There are many culprits blamed for headache triggers; certain foods like chocolate, sunlight, stress and tension for example. Whatever you put your headache down to, and before you reach for the painkillers, have you considered having your neck checked by a Chiropractor?

Whatever you consider to be the trigger for you – please remember that headaches are common but they are not normal. 

Medication only masks the symptom instead of addressing the problem,

As a Chiropractor we determine if the root trigger for headaches is related to poor function of the spine, caused by perhaps and old injury, poor posture or as a result of nerve irritation.

We effectively correct and treat the underlying cause as opposed to just treating the symptoms.

By performing a comprehensive examination and medical history we determine the underlying cause (or trigger) of your headaches.

We recognise areas of the spine that aren’t moving properly in a gentle way with an adjustment.

The Chiropractic adjustment helps restore essential spinal curves to reduce nerve irritation as well as improve circulation.

Correcting your neck and back will help alleviate pain, tension and help prevent future headaches and migraine.

We also advise on positive lifestyle changes that can be made to enhance your wellbeing.

If you would like to have your neck checked we are offering a free screening. Please check out this link to avail of the free screening.


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