Gratitude; how to start a gratitude journal – a simple habit worth forming

The power of gratitude.

There are many habits we can incorporate into our daily lives that are personally fulfilling.

One in particular I’d like to share with you is keeping a gratitude journal.

I posted this video on gratitude to social media recently.

Consider keeping a journal to write down what you are grateful for on a daily basis.

Most of us are all so lucky in our lives and I feel it is important to recognise all the good things even when we may be going through some tougher times (and we all have those too).

Gratitude is something we could all show a little more of.

Gratitude helps us realise what we have. This can lessen our need for wanting more all the time. Gratitude strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress, and, in general, makes us happier.

The art of being grateful doesn’t come naturally and, like any skill worth having, gratitude requires practice.

There are three steps;

• recognise what you are grateful for
• acknowledge it
• appreciate it

Easy, right?

And the benefits of practicing gratitude can be life-altering.

Where do I start?

Buy a journal

Buy yourself a dedicated journal. A nice one you will take care of and use only for this practice.

Gratitude; how to start a gratitude journal - a simple habit worth forming

This is my journal, a simple leather bound notebook.

I keep it by my bedside with a pen attached to remind me to write before I sleep. I also have a reminder on my phone so I never forget.

Be Consistent

Note 3 things you are grateful for on a daily basis.

If you choose to write first thing in the morning go for it, just be consistent with the practice.

Be Specific

The more detailed you can get while writing what you are grateful for, the easier it is to connect with the emotion.

For example instead of writing;

“I am grateful for my daughter”

Write reasons you are grateful for your daughter,

“I am grateful for my daughter, her smile makes everything better”

Give it Time

Once you embrace gratitude give it some time before you see changes. Commit to doing it for 30 days to allow your brain to rewire!

Give it a go and be sure to let me know how you get on and how it makes you feel.

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