5 words you’ll never hear me say

Benjamin and Aisling in Menaggio

I go to a lot of conferences and work-related seminars and the one common topic discussed everytime is work-life balance. The key message being; Working without letup is a bad habit that can jeopardise business, health and the life you’re supposedly working towards.

I am a strong believer that the brain does better with rest, and so does the heart.
Benjamin and Aisling in Menaggio

Last month Siobhán, Aisling and I took 5 days at Lake Como in Italy. We stayed in a little villa in Menaggio overlooking the lake. We took day trips to nearby towns and villages soaking up the laid back atmosphere while sampling local food.

In Bellagio we took our time perusing the local shops and restaurants. We carried Aisling and her buggy up what must have been hundreds of steep steps in 30 degree heat, only to realise later, had we started from the other side of town we could have taken the gently sloping path! (Spot the tourists!)
Ben on Lake Como
On the boat on Lake Como
The highlight for me was the day we rented a boat and stumbled upon the most beautiful restaurant (Locando) on Isola Comacina, it’s the only little island on Lake Como. Locando’s menu hasn’t changed in 60 years. The food was rustic Italian, healthy and delicious, done perfectly. Salad and vegetables were a welcome change from pasta.

The Italians love babies and Aisling seemed to speak their language which sparked some lovely conversations with locals and other holiday makers! As a result we met some lovely people on our trip.

Siobhan and Aisling in Locando

My top 8 reasons for holiday making:
• The chance to spend quality time with loved ones
• Allows me and my family to relax
• Closer family ties
• Fond memories
• Opportunity to experience new things
• More productivity when I return to work
• Improved mental health
• Lower chance of burn-out

Oh, nearly forgot, the 5 words you’ll never hear me say;
“There’s no time to holiday” (technically that’s 6 words but you get the picture!)

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