How my wife lost her migraine when she found me!

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Before I met my wife Siobhán she suffered from recurring headaches and migraine. She would get an intense headache on one side that made her nauseous. It would begin with visual disturbance like partial blind spots and squiggly lines in the visual field with the headache beginning after about 20 minutes.

Photo of Benjamin and SiobhánDue to its severity she could not function. She had to take to a darkened room to try and sleep it off, and despite taking medication the event would leave her with a sore head for a couple of days.

At the time she wasn’t aware that Chiropractic care had been proven to be extremely effective in treating migraine and tension headaches as well as neck pain and stiffness. In fact she would never have believed it was possible to find a migraine cure. With cervicogenic (originating in the neck, shoulders and spine) and tension headaches, chiropractic has a very high success at approximately 90%. Migraines are at approximately 70% due to the other non-spinal factors that can trigger migraines.

As a graphic designer, Siobhán works for hours at a computer sometimes forgetting to take a break. This lack of movement in the neck and poor posture while sitting was her trigger for headache and migraine. When the vertebrae in her neck were unable to move properly, it irritated and put pressure on the nerves in that area. That can cause headache and migraine. It is also very common for headache sufferers to experience neck pain and stiffness. To correct this problem (called a subluxation) I gently adjust the vertebrae. Since most headaches are caused by subluxations, with regular chiropractic care they will soon disappear.

People who suffer migraines know the pain of the condition: the lost work days, the sensitivity to light, the nausea and vomiting, the inability to think clearly, the splitting headache, visual disturbances, even mood swings that can be caused. For many, these last from hours to even days, and while there is medication available to help with the pain, sufferers know you won’t find a migraine cure popping pills.

So once my headache or migraine stops, does the chiropractic care end?

Your body continues to heal after the pain has gone. Continuing to have chiropractic adjustments helps to retrain your vertebrae to hold their healthy positions. Your nervous system will function more efficiently and your body will be better able to heal itself. In time, exercise, a healthy diet, and periodic visits to the chiropractor will help you stay healthy, pain free, and live life to the fullest.

Siobhán gets adjusted regularly and she can testify that she hasn’t had a migraine or headache in years. The result… one happy wife!! 🙂

Do you know someone that suffers from recurring headache or migraine in Cork? Please share this post so that we can help them to find a migraine cure.

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  1. Hi my name is Catherine O mahony I am writing to you regarding my haemhoplegic migraine. I am worried about the cost as I am a pensioner. If you could let me know some info on same.

    1. Hi Catherine, thank you for reaching out. I have emailed you to help organise a call so that I can explain how we could help you.

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