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Photo of Hazardous labels

The silent killers lurking in your home

What what what? Most of us have no idea what these ingredients are and yet they lie in all our kitchen cabinets. They are in our laundry and cleaning products and they could be silently killing us. When we buy cleaning products, we expect them to do one thing: clean! Look on the back of […]

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Photo of Benjamin and Siobhán

How my wife found a migraine cure when she met me!

Before I met my wife Siobhán she suffered from recurring headaches and migraine. She would get an intense headache on one side that made her nauseous. It would begin with visual disturbance like partial blind spots and squiggly lines in the visual field with the headache beginning after about 20 minutes. Due to its severity […]

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optimal Broth

Chicken Broth – a miracle cure in a bowl

I have long believed in the power of food to cure many illnesses and have witnessed the powerful goodness of good old chicken broth to cure many an ailment. Nourishing broths date back to the Stone Age and until modern age most households kept a pot simmering over the fire. People regularly ate from it […]

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A list of hidden sugars in food

Breaking the sugar habit

Some of the more common New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight and eat healthy. These goals seem like a huge task and few know where to start. If I can suggest reducing or ideally removing one food from your diet it would be sugar. 5 good reasons to quit sugar; • Sugar has powerful […]

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Reflection on 2011

As we embark on another year at Optimal Chiropractic and plan our activity for 2012, let’s just take a moment to reflect on the fantastic activities and events we took part in for 2011. January/February Valentines Campaign Began spinal checks for Apple, and Amazon Carried on visiting VMWare for spinal checks (from 2010) March/April Mind […]

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