What to expect when you visit our Chiropractic Office in Cork

What to expect when you visit our Chiropractic Office in Cork

Most people visit our Chiropractic office in Cork for pain relief. The majority arrive with symptoms of back pain, neck pain or headaches. In most cases they have tried many avenues to get better and they come to our Chiropractic doctors here in Cork in the hope of finally getting to the root of their pain.

They’ve usually tried every painkiller under the sun and sadly are feeling the negative side effects of taking these over a prolonged period of time and realise they can’t keep popping pills to mask the real problem.
When they come to us they are relieved to find that Chiropractic is safe, non invasive, non surgical, and involves no drugs & no negative side effects.

For spine, disc problems, headaches & pinched nerves as well as extremities – knees & shoulders.

So what happens when you visit us?

A detailed medical history is taken, no stone is left unturned. A posture analysis, along with scans that highlight short term and long term damage are studied. We give you our best advice for care if we feel we can help.

Our job as Chiropractors is to keep your nervous system free from interference. Daily repetitive physical, chemical and emotional stress can subtly cause misalignments in your spine called Subluxations. The resulting pressure on your system from uncorrected Subluxations can lead to symptoms of pain, fatigue and mental fog.

As Chiropractors we find these subluxations (or misalignments) in your spine, we correct them using the adjustment to allow the body heal and function better.

When a bone in the spine is misaligned it can put pressure on the nerve and the organ attached to that nerve can’t function correctly. The adjustment takes the pressure off the nerve so that the brain can communicate without interference with the organs in the body to promote natural healing.

When a chiropractor adjusts the spine to achieve vertebral alignment, it frees up space between the discs in the vertebrae, which may be cramped due to bulging/herniated discs and/or the swelling in the surrounding tissue. When the discs are properly spaced, tension and pressure between them is often reduced, allowing nerves to communicate more effectively with the rest of the nervous system (and to stop sending those pain signals!).

The Adjustment explained…

In our Chiropractic office in Cork we use a low force adjustment technique .

The Activator is a small hand-held instrument with a spring inside that delivers a high-speed, but gentle, thrust to the vertebrae or joint via a small rubber tip.

The activator is an excellent introduction to those who may may not be familiar or comfortable with the idea of a manual adjustment. It’s easier on the new patient and the doctor because the patient’s muscle resistance is not fighting against the adjustment.

Patients remain in their own clothing, making a visit to us quick and uncomplicated.

The list of positive side effects from the adjustment are long and include and go way beyond pain relief. Better sleep, improved digestion, better concentration, more energy, the power of Chiropractic is incredible and amazes us every single day. We are privileged to adjust our patients on a daily basis and the incredible improvements they share with us every day is a blessing.

If you have wondered about having Chiropractic care and have any other questions you would like us to answer please pick up the phone  and call 021 487 8465 or email us. We would be delighted to help.

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