5 Benefits to Chiropractic Beyond Pain Relief

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Beyond Pain
Many associate relief from back pain and neck pain when it comes to Chiropractic. But it is in fact the nervous system that concerns us as Chiropractors.

Here are 5 Chiropractic care benefits that don’t involve pain relief

Many associate relief from back pain and neck pain when it comes to Chiropractic.

But it is in fact the nervous system that concerns us as Chiropractors.

Explained simply; we look for interference in the nervous system (we call these – subluxations) – we adjust the subluxation to clear the interference so that your body can heal itself.

While yes, many get relief from pain as a result of Chiropractic care but this is due to the removal of interference in the nervous system.

With a clear healthy nervous system you’ll also receive the following added benefits;

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1. Improved Digestion

Digestion often slows or becomes imbalanced when a spinal vertebra changes position or suffers from a lack of movement. The vertebral shifting, called a subluxation, produces stress in the nervous system that decreases blood flow to vital digestive organs, and reduces normal bowel motility.

All organs communicate through the spinal column and nervous system.

A healthy spine translates into healthier organs and systems within the body.

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2. Helps Lower Inflammation

Chiropractic adjustments are an effective tool for reducing inflammation in the body and relieving tension around the muscles and joints.

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3. Increased Energy
When you relieve tension, and give the spine the space it needs to run the nervous system effectively, one of the most noticeable results is a boost in overall energy levels.

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4. Help with Infant Issues
Chiropractic adjustments are safe for even newborn babies with colic or acid reflux. Adjustments can help relieve the pressure that results in their uncomfortable gas without the use of any medications. Great for baby – great for parents!

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5. Better Sleep
Reduced stress in the spine creates a better balance in hormones, naturally producing better sleep quality. Chiropractic patients report improved sleep quality as one of the most common side effects of tending to their spinal care.

We love ❤️ the power of Chiropractic

Receive the Benefits of Chiropractic

If you would like to receive the benefits of Chiropractic in your life you can request a 15 min free posture analysis in our office in Ballincollig. (Private message us or call 021 4878465)

Why a Postural analysis?
Poor posture while sitting or standing can cause misalignment, fatigue and or excessive stress on the body.

We can also recognise areas of the spine that aren’t moving the way they should and determine if a misalignment (subluxation) is the reason for any pain the body is experiencing.

If Chiropractic care is not right for an individual, the team will do their utmost to point them in the right direction.

Drop us a line today, or share this post, we’d love to help.

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