Chiropractic Care Through Pregnancy – Cork Chiropractor helping Mums have comfortable pregnancies


The importance of Chiropractic Care through pregnancy.

Dr. Benjamin Martin and Dr. Christina Duborg, Cork Chiropractors based in Ballincollig, believe that Mums deserve to have a pregnancy free of discomfort with shorter and easier labours.

This is such an important experience in your journey to becoming a mother, whether it’s for the first, second, third or fourth time we want to give you the best start. 

Here’s how Chiropractic can promote a Healthy Pregnancy.

To accommodate a growing baby your body goes though many changes during pregnancy.

Relaxin hormone is released during pregnancy, which relaxes the joints and gladly for the mother eases labour and delivery.

However, it can also cause pain when ligaments get so loose they become structurally unstable.

There are 3 other factors that can cause spine misalignment and pain during pregnancy;

  1. The mother is carrying approximately 13 kg in extra weight;
  2. the abdominal muscles weaken and
  3. the lower back curve becomes accentuated.


Chiropractic care keeps the spine aligned, so it can be helpful for pregnant women who are in discomfort.

We can report the success of practice members over the years in our office and they have told us the following ways Chiropractic has helped them during their pregnancy;

Chiropractic helps to reduce pain during pregnancy

Chiropractic adjustments can help ease back pain and sciatic pain associated both with relaxed joints and ligaments and with adapted posture, easing pain and improving stability all the way through delivery.

It helps to ease pregnancy nausea

Chiropractic care during pregnancy may reduce nausea and vomiting by realigning the spine and restoring nervous system function.

Correct Position For Baby

Chiropractors can use certain techniques to encourage the baby to position itself right.

Moving a breech baby into the correct position is mostly the baby’s job. If the right environment is created, the baby can help itself.

Reduces the length of time in labour.

Longer labour time leads to higher risks.

Thankfully, evidence* has shown that chiropractic care during pregnancy has led to reduced labour time by an average of 25% for first time moms and over 30% for the second or third child.

 Improved immunity to ensure a healthy mom and baby.

The health of the nervous system has a big impact on the immune system. When the spinal column is out of alignment, the body is more susceptible to dis-ease. Chiropractic care during pregnancy ensures proper spinal alignment not only to relieve pain but to improve immunity, which is especially important for pregnant women.

Chiropractic Care Through Pregnancy can result in a healthier pregnancy, reduced nausea, decreased labour and delivery time, neck, back, pelvic and hip pain relief and could prevent the need of a caesarean section.

If you have any questions regarding Chiropractic care please give us a call our office here in Ballincollig at 021 487 8465. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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