Curves Matter; Essential arches eliminate pain in the neck and lower back

Spine drawing

Arches create greater strength and stability.

Stronger resistance to compressive force occurs when arch-like curves occupy a structure.

Some of the strongest and most stable structures on earth used arches in their construction. Buildings, churches, bridges, roadways, and tunnels make up a few examples of sturdy structures built using arches.

The most important use of arches exists within the human body.

The spine consists of three specific arch-type curves that increase strength, provide stability, improve protection, and allow movement.

A study from 2013 proved that neck pain manifests in a variety of disease related outcomes. Neurological dysfunction, spinal cord ischemia (blood restriction to the spinal cord), and other functional abilities accompany neck pain. Those outcomes possessed a strikingly similar cause: a reduced arch in the spinal curve of the neck.

People who suffer from spinal misalignment experience both short and a long term consequences that rob quality of life and often begin a cycle of dependency on pain killers.

Chiropractic adjustments seek to restore the alignment and shape of the spine from the brain stem down through the hips to remove pressure and unnecessary negative neurological feedback in the nervous system.

Spinal health deteriorates much like the silent onset of high blood pressure or cavities. The consequences usually do not manifest until advanced stages of disease.

Chiropractors specialise in removing nervous system interference by re-establishing proper cervical curves and healthy spinal alignment in the back and neck.

Relationship between degree of focal kyphosis correction and neurological outcomes for patients undergoing cervical deformity correction surgery

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