5 things I’ve learned to be true since becoming a Dad

5 things I've learned to be true since becoming a DadA Dad – forever learning!

Little did I think I’d ever need to know the difference between a moses basket, crib or cot or that choosing a car is much easier than choosing a push chair. (No joke, a degree is required before choosing the right push chair!)

I am the proud Dad of a 16 month old girl Aisling and since she has come into our world she has made our lives all the richer. Here’s what I’ve learned so far…

1. When people give advice on child-rearing, always remember, as parents you are the experts on your own child. Parenting isn’t an exact science and the truth is, no one knows your child as well as you do. There may be plenty of caring professionals and others who know children – teachers, doctors, coaches, etc.- but they don’t know your child as intimately as you do.

2. Time alone with your partner is so important. When baby arrives life gets really busy and it’s important for you and your partner to connect.  It will do you both wonders to get away for a night. Plus, granny and grandad will only be too delighted to spend time with their grandchild.

3. There is nowhere you can hide your iPhone that she won’t find it! This goes for the remote control and laptop too! Your baby will have no interest in toys. A cardboard box or metal pot will generate more amusement than anything you buy. They love your time and attention which leads me to number 4.

4. Don’t miss out on the milestones
After a short 16 months I now understand why people say “time flies when you have children”. That’s the reason it is so important to spend as much time as possible with your family. The baby phase passes really quickly. Before you know it, he or she will be rolling, crawling, walking and running.

5 things I've learned to be true since becoming a Dad5. One little word will melt your heart. Don’t be surprised that someone so small can turn you to mush and leave a lump in your throat just by calling you Dad. These are the moments that make life worth living.


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