Take care when working on the Farm

No matter what part of the country or county you are driving around these days you will see an influx of tractors, trailers and harvesters on the roads reminding us that it’s a very busy period for farmers.

And it is often in these busy periods when farmers injure themselves or when old pain comes to the fore again.

Every year almost one in ten farmers suffer from problems such as back, hip and knee pain. It’s no surprise that farmers are highly vulnerable to lower back pain in particular when their work is very heavy based consisting of a lot of lifting.

People often lift objects incorrectly and taking a couple of minutes to learn how to lift correctly could save your back and prevent agonising pain from occurring.

Whether it’s bags of feed or small animals;
• Get your body as close to the object as possible
• Bend your knees and lift with your legs
• Lift gradually and smoothly without jerking
• Ensure your path is free of obstructions and you have a clear place to set the object when putting it down
• When changing directions, turn with your feet, not your waist
• Get help when lifting heavy or bulky items
• Use proper equipment such as hand trucks, forklifts and front end loaders and wheelbarrows for heavier loads
• Use the same techniques when you set the object down—bend your knees while you slowly lower the object

At this time of the year farmers can be sitting in tractors and combines for prolonged periods so for added comfort and to again avoid injury;
• Adjust the seat so your knees are level with your hips and you can reach the controls
• Sit up straight, do not slouch
• Support your lower back with a small cushion or even a rolled up towel
• When stepping down from a tractor or combine, step down backwards (not forward!!)

If you are experiencing pain while working then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Optimal Chiropractic on 021 487 84 65

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