Ben’s Top Running Tips for Beginners

Summer is finally here – it’s the season that always prompts us to eat healthier and to exercise more. The long evenings are a perfect excuse to ditch watching the soaps in favour of a walk. Something that is hugely evident at the moment is the amount of people that have taking up running and jogging. It’s no wonder that people are choosing to run, it’s free and very accessible. However if you are a beginner remember to walk before you can run (literally).

Doing too much too soon can lead to injuries so here are a couple of tips to help you get the most out of running and avoiding injury.

Although running is free, it is worth investing in a good pair of runners and seeking advice regarding what type of runner is suitable for you and your activity. More and more sport stores now have running clinics in-store specifically for the purpose of helping customers choose the correct footwear.

It’s the thing that all health experts emphasise yet it’s often ignored but do warm up – even marching on the sport while swinging your arms is efficient.

Start small, if you are new to running then for every four minutes walking run for a minute and rotate between walking and running. Continue to build on this and very soon you will find that you will be running more than walking. It often takes beginners a month of running / walking before they find themselves running their first 5k but remember you know your own body better than anyone so if it takes you longer then don’t worry as long as you are exercising at least three times a week for thirty – sixty minutes.

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