Does Sciatica Get On Your Nerves?

Getting on Your Nerves
Excuse the pun in the title, as Sciatica really is no laughing matter. It’s actually a very painful issue resulting from the sciatic nerve being irritated or affected by inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues. Sciatica pain is caused when the sciatic nerve is irritated, scraped, twisted, stretched or pinched as it exits the spine. Sciatica is symptom, as opposed to a cause and is usually associated with:
  • A Disc bulge or protrusion
  • A spinal misalignment
  • A Pelvic injury
  • Tumor in very rare cases
  • Image Source: ptexercises.org
How Do I know If I Have Sciatica? Sciatica can be isolated to certain points such as the buttocks, knee area, or calf; or it may be apparent along the entire length of the nerve from the lower back to the feet and toes. If you feel discomfort in any of these areas that you cannot attribute to an injury or sprain and you have been experiencing this pain for a duration of more than four weeks, then it could be Sciatica.   If Sciatica is a symptom, how will a Chiropractor help? We have helped many Sciatica sufferers by gently correcting interference from the spine with our Activator instrument. Our methods are gentle and specific so you feel no discomfort.   A word from Dr Ben ‘We’ve had hundreds of patients with Sciatica, at all ages over the years and our Activator method is a definite winner. Sciatica is one of those complaints that gradually drains you, as the pain is continuous. Our approach reduces the pain and also helps to correct the underlying damage.’ If you think you may have Sciatica, or know you have and would like to discuss what a Chiropractor can do for you, then make an appointment with Dr Ben. We’re always available on 021 487 8465.

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  1. Sciatica, a common type of low back pain, involves immense degree of pain shooting down one leg, along with tingling and numbness, as a result of injury or pressure on the sciatic nerve. This a really great article about sciatica and chiropractic is a natural way to treat such type of pain.

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