5 things to remember when working from home

Most people aren’t accustomed to working from home despite lockdowns having forced many of us to do so.

It’s a big challenge that can affect our physical and mental health as well as diet and sleep patterns.

Poor office set-up can lead to a weakened posture.

When you go from working in an environment where you’ve walked from the carpark to the office, from desk to desk or walked to lunch – these simple but important movements have been replaced with a walk from your table at home to the fridge or to the sink.

Unless we are making a concerted effort, our movements at home have been restricted more than we realise.

1. Keep moving
– when you need to make a call, take your phone for a walk, even if it’s just around the house. Get in that movement.

2. Raise it up
If you are working from a laptop, raise it to make it eye level. Use books to lift it up and use an external keyboard and mouse.

For example, you can use a stack of books to raise your laptop to the right height, with the keyboard below it. (Click here to see my home set-up.)

3. Sit Up!
Invest in a good office chair.

If you are sitting at a dining table, which is usually higher than an office desk, you will need an adjustable chair to raise the height.

Use a footrest to rest your feet. (If you don’t have a footrest a box or books will do the same thing.)

If you are unable to invest in a good chair straight away, try this;

Putting a firm cushion or tightly folded towel under your buttocks will raise your hips and increase the curve of your spine, making sitting more comfortable.

4. Stay hydrated

Keep a water bottle near you and sip away throughout the day.

5. Take Breaks

Don’t skip lunch. 

Get out for a walk or schedule an online work out. 

Find some stretch tutorials online, click here for the ones I do.

Maintain your sleep routine and learn to switch off. (It helps not to have your office set-up in your bedroom.)

Making these small but vital changes will make a big difference to your physical and mental health.

If you are experiencing pain that doesn’t get better with movement or rest please let me know in the ‘Contact Dr. Benjamin Martin’ form on this page and I will respond as soon as possible.  

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