GAA Players & Hip Injury – is going under the knife the only option?

GAA footballers playing

Little known facts about GAA players & Hip Injury: 75% of hip surgery patients in Ireland play GAA.

The average age going under the knife is 26 years old!

GAA Players and Hip Injury

The average GAA player believe these 3 myths;

1. “I’m too young to have hip pain”

When most people think of hip pain they think of someone over the age of 65 with arthritis or a hip fracture from a fall.

However, hip surgery specialists in Ireland have revealed that 75% of their patients play GAA. (10% soccer and 6% rugby)

The average age going under the knife is 26 years old!

GAA hurlers in actionWith ANY of these symptoms of Hip Pain – please go see an expert…
• A player might hear snapping, popping, clicking or grinding with certain movements.
• He or she might find it difficult to bend over to put on their shoes
• General muscle tightness is to be expected after training or a game – but stiffness and inflexibility in the hip or pain in the groin ARE NOT NORMAL sensations.

2. “It will go away itself”

Pain killers may numb the pain temporarily. But I can’t stress the importance of early detection and diagnosis to avoid further damage and deterioration. If stiffness is experienced then GET CHECKED OUT.

3. “This will end my career”

If left untreated, the damage can be too great. Sometimes hip surgery is the only option – an option no player wants to be faced with.

Simply identifying the problem and treating it early is key in order to preserve hip function.

No one should live with hip pain. Therefor the best way to fix these common pain problems in the body is to treat them naturally.

To avoid surgery seek options that help the body heal faster and stronger. Chiropractic is a drug free, surgery free and natural way to pain relief.

P.S. If anyone you know needs help with hip pain, leg pain or back pain and want a second opinion from a different perspective please do come see us.

We’d love to help.

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