Take some Me Time

Life is very fast paced for all us. Sometimes it can seem that we don’t have a minute to ourselves and instead are rushing around endlessly. No matter how many things and tasks you have to look after every day, plan some time for you. Taking me time is not an indulgence or a selfish act, it’s actually a necessity. Life doesn’t stop no matter what stage of life you are in. I overheard a student tell his friend how he couldn’t wait to be finished the leaving cert so he’d be a step closer to finishing college and could finally start working full-time. I didn’t want to shatter his hopes by telling him he’d only have new stresses and worries then. Stress effects everybody whether you are studying, balancing between work and family, doing errands, or keeping up with the never ending house work chores.

‘Me Time’ can be as simple as stopping in a café for a cup of coffee and watching the world go by for a few minutes or switching off the phone to read a book or going for a walk or booking a treatment in a spa to recharge the batteries. We all need it to recharge ourselves. So regardless of how busy you are starting from now make it a habit where you make time for yourself. It could mean taking thirty minutes a week to just stop and as they say ‘smell the flowers.’

Look forward to the coffee break or walk you have scheduled for yourself and take stock of your lot. We are a generation that are never off, we are wired to technology every day and the office day doesn’t end at five o clock anymore, in fact for a lot of people are rarely off due to emails being sent to their phones 24/7.
In time you will find that by taking some time for yourself you will be less stressed and feel more relaxed and in control.

So go on, take some ‘Me time’ today!

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