Drink Yourself Healthy With Lemon Water

We are all aware of the benefits of drinking enough water and staying hydrated but do know the added benefits of adding some lemon to your water? Lemon water helps combat a variety of health issues by helping the body detox from the inside out. Below are 6 of the benefits of drinking lemon water:

Boosts energy levels and improves mood
A glass of lemon water is the solution for feeling tired or low, the water keeps you hydrated and ensures that your brain receives fresh blood and the lemon acts as a natural relaxant allowing you to clear your mind and improve your mood.

Helps aid digestion
Lemon water has a synergising effect on the body as it helps soothe the digestive system. It aids in the production of bile in the liver which also helps the digestive system flush out any harmful toxins, by liquefying the bile it helps regulate excess bile flow. Lemon water also conditions and clenches the liver; it strengthens the liver by providing energy to liver enzymes when they are too dilute.

Improves oral health
Lemon water can be a great tool for freshening breath. The acidic nature of the lemon will help get rid of bad breath and the lemon will cleanse your mouth, activate your saliva glands and kill any bacteria present.

Increases chance of weight loss
Lemon water is a great way to fight cravings and eat less. Whenever you are feeling peckish fill yourself a pint glass water with lemon and drink it. The lemon contains a fibre called pectin that will help make you feel fuller for longer. This fibre also helps improve the health of the colon and serves as a powerful anti-bacterial.

Aids natural glowing skin
Drinking lemon water promotes healthy, radiant skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne. The lemon helps to purify the blood which aids the production of new blood cells that act as cleansing agents.

Improves immune system
Lemons are incredibly rich in vitamin C and potassium, essential nutrients that protects the body against immune system deficiencies. Vitamin C helps your body fight off oncoming colds and potassium stimulates brain and nerve function and keeps your immune system running strong.

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