Healthier Eating Tips at Christmas

Christmas time is one of the biggest and most celebrated events of the year, but for those watching their weight, it can be a difficult one. The traditional Christmas menu is full of sweets, chocolates, sauces and numerous courses, washed down with alcoholic beverages. To make matters worse, there is a tendency to spend the entire day sitting and watching TV. The mix of heavy meals and inactivity is the root cause of weight gain, although, with a few changes, you can avoid putting on too many extra pounds.

Optimal Chiropractic Healthier Eating Tips

It’s fair to assume that the main dinner will consist of turkey, ham and other meats, plus potatoes and vegetables. If you try the ‘switch bad for good’ tactic, then you will find this meal much healthier. Simply switch 50% of your potatoes and meat for 50% more vegetables.

Decrease your portions, eat slower

The trick with Christmas dinner is to pace yourself and eat less portions per course. There’s no need to pile your plate high, as eating little and often is much better on the stomach, plus it increases metabolism. Eat slowly and chew your food for at least 15 seconds. If it helps, put your knife and fork down while chewing. Eating slower helps digestion and this in turn allows your body to recuperate quicker.

Choose a healthier dessert

Lashings of cream, chocolate and butter can be avoided by opting for a healthier dessert. Try banana and custard or a mixed fruit salad with a small amount of light cream. Many supermarkets will sell a range of low-fat options, so pick up one for yourself to lower the calorie intake.

Happy snacking

We mentioned before that eating little and often is better for you, so keep snacking throughout the day on tasty nibbles like crackers (wholemeal and seeded are best), carrot sticks, nuts (unsalted), yogurts and pieces of fruit.

Walk it off

A walk for all the family will allow you to only digest your dinner, but will also burn off energy for the kids. A nice brisk walk will wake you up; get you moving and give you time to chat to family and friends. It’s also fantastic for loosening up the back.

A word from Dr Ben

‘Healthy eating boosts the immune system which leads to a more balanced body. Over-indulging might seem a great idea to join in the season but learning to eat healthy during holidays can actually have a positive effect on the mind. If you struggle with your weight, this is the best test of your commitment level.’

If you wish to discuss your health needs and affect on the spine with Dr Ben, then call in at the office. We’re always available on 021 487 8465.

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