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C103 radio interview with Dr. Benjamin Martin

Aches and pains as you age – I don’t buy it!

Aches and Pains – is this what a Chiropractor deals with? On Monday 18th January I had the opportunity to talk to Patricia Messenger of C103 about Chiropractic and the reason people need to go to a Chiropractor.   Many people still get the impression that Chiropractors only deal with aches and pains, not realising 70% […]

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Elderly Man Strength

I love him, my old man

“That’s just old age” or “I’m not getting any younger” sound familiar? Have you ever heard your Dad say this? Has he been complaining of the same old aches and pains for years? Does he dismiss aches and pains as ‘old age’? The human body is very resilient and the truth is, he shouldn’t be […]

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