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If you are in pain, you’ve come to the right place to:

  •  discuss with experts who specialise in treating people with pain and suffering
  •  discover more about your pain (even if you thought you already knew)
  •  receive professional advice on what you can do next (no commitments)
  •  receive advice on treatments WITHOUT surgery and WITHOUT reliance on prescription drugs
  •  ask questions you wanted to ask but have felt too afraid or intimidated
  •  get skilled, professional and experienced attention for you and your health

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That’s right for only €20 we want to offer you a Full hour consultation (normally costs €85)

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Our focus is on what is causing your pain.

Perhaps you’re suffering back pain, leg pain, neck pain or sciatica.

If we don’t find the cause of the problem it can never get better.

That’s why we use diagnostic technology that is unique in Ballincollig.

Our technology focuses on the function of the body. It’s not like “other” tests which build a static picture of what’s wrong. What we do builds a functional picture and it’s the reason we find problems that could have been missed in the past.

We want to make our consultation affordable.

That means a full consultation and full diagnostic suite to correct the identified problem for just €20!

Even if we find that we are not the best place to help, we will help you to find the best place to get the care that you need.

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We want to simply and honestly discuss what’s happening and what is causing you pain.

We’ll also discuss the options available and advise on the best course of action going forwards.

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*We hate spam, your email is safe with us

Please note: You do not have an appointment until you receive confirmation from us


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