Celebrities are not helping your teenager’s bad posture

Celebrities are not helping your teenager’s bad posture

Let’s not make bad posture the latest trend.

Posture is often a forgotten aspect of our health and I can’t stress enough how important it really is.

People who have bad posture usually end up with neck pain or headaches.

People with neck pain often have breathing problems; impacting your daily life and functional ability.

The problem doesn’t end here because the way that you breath has an important influence on posture and spinal stabilisation.

But bad posture also affects other health aspects.

For example; a 2007 study conducted in the Psychology Dept. of the University of Auckland New Zealand looked at the effects of upright posture compared to slouched posture in young healthy peoples resilience to cope with a stressful reading task.

The study results clearly showed that when these people were in a good upright posture they could cope with the stressful task much better than if they were held in a slouched position during the same task.

In addition to this, the scientists found that a good upright posture also resulted in participants displaying a feeling of:

· Higher self esteem

· Better mood

· Lower fear

· Better able to deal with stress

compared to the slumped posture situation

Yes, it’s true, good upright posture is not only good for healthy breathing, it also makes you more self confident, feel better mood wise, reduce your feelings of fear and help you be more resilient when dealing with a stressful situation.

Many of today’s celebrities and models are slouchers. Not only does standing up straight make you look more confident, it helps avoid future neck and spine problems.

But this doesn’t seem to deter these A-List celebrities.

Celebrities are not helping your teenager's bad posture

Victoria Beckham, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Justin Bieber and Keira Knightley notoriously have poor posture. Celebrities are not helping your teenager's bad posture

Forward head posture is particularly bad. You want your head resting nicely and directly on top of your spine.

A normal sized head weighs about 3kilos (6.5lbs). This is about as heavy as a bowling ball.Your spine is designed to hold that up without any problem, but if your head is hanging forward then there is a 3 kilo weight hanging off your muscles, ligaments and connective tissues at the back of your neck.

This is not a good thing for our spine and increases the burden, strain and the stress that your spine has to cope with.

What is quite concerning is the number of people who are showing up with forward head posture is increasing dramatically.

It is becoming so common that it’s been given a name ‘text neck’ because we’re seeing more young people developing neck pain due to the increased use of devices such as smart phones or tablets.

Studies are showing that deveoping neck pain is not something that should be considered ‘growing pains’. It’s not likely to go away by itself.

We know that kids who develop spinal dysfunction to the point of them having spinal pain in teenage years – go on to become adults with spinal pain problems.

Teenagers with spinal dysfunction to the degree of having pain in multiple regions become adults with spinal pain problems in multiple regions and so on.

So the best thing for your children’s sake is to nip it in the bud and fix the problem early so that it doesn’t go on to be a life long problem for them.

The health and function of your child’s spine can significantly impact their future quality of life.

How to Promote Good Posture

· If you’re standing properly, your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are lined up directly on top of each other. You should be able to draw a straight line from the top of your head, through your body’s centre, down to the bottom of your feet.good-posture

· Encourage exercise – Especially exercise that strengthens your core; pilates and yoga are perfect.

· Reduce screen time – A simple solution for little kids with smart devices is to make sure they lie on their stomach when using them. This makes it impossible for them to hang their heads forward.

· Keep a close eye on your children and teenagers habits and teach your child the implications of bad posture.

Talk to them about the importance of good posture and a properly functioning spine for their health.
And if you have any concerns go and see your local family chiropractor.
You can reach Dr Benjamin Martin in Ballincollig on 021 487 8465.
Remember good posture is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your children.


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Dr. Benjamin Martin is a Chiropractor and speaker on Health and Wellbeing. Ben is regularly called on to discuss health topics and chiropractic on radio, tv and press. His promise is to adjust and educate as many families as possible towards optimal health. His work changes lives and has restored people's quality of life.

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